CMG Transforms Commercial Payment Application System-Making International Payment Simple
The market in digital cash is huge and CMG comes into being
  • The total market value of digital cash in 2020 has reached 2.6 trillion US dollars, becoming the value embodiment recognized by the world. However, the current circulation in digital cash is limited to exchanges. As investment value-added, its actual payment function has not been realized. CMG will implement payment functions including Alipay, WeChat, UnionPay, Visa, etc. to perfectly solve the problem of offline consumption in digital cash, so that digital cash can truly be recognized by the whole society and digital cash can be applied in all aspects. Digital cash in people's hands can be paid in the same way as other currencies. The promotion bonus derived from this will bring huge excess profit returns to the forerunner!

Distributed communication

Smart contract platform

DPoS consensus mechanism

Value transfer protocol

CMG-Cheesemonger Assets Mobile Payment Enters a New Era
  • CMG-Cheesemonger assets is initiated by top block chain technicians. It combines the world's most advanced block chain technology and offline strength to change the current global transaction payment environment. CMG uses its high-performance public chain as its infrastructure and combines with a top community composed of global technological and financial elites to provide customers with comprehensive, safe, convenient and professional asset management and value-added services in the digital cash. Its business scope covers stocks, foreign exchange, futures, savings, investment banking, insurance trust, investment management and wealth management in the digital cash. Through CMG-Cheesemonger Assets, it can realize transactions of financial products worldwide and promote the development of investment in digital cash.

CMG payment application system
  • 1. Efficient, fast, good stability, complete the entire process of user payment to the merchant in 1 second, and directly implement the global application.
    2. Break through geographic barriers: no geographical restrictions, no transaction costs, no reconciliation, no waiting for long block confirmation time, real-time account arrival.
    3. Technical support: Real-time exchange of risk-free digital currencies and fiat currencies to CMG through smart contracts, cross-chain gateways, and cross-smart contract technologies. Payment security tamper resistance decentralization
    4. Smart payment: CMG's decentralized smart payment, get rid of third-party institutions, exchange global fiat currency in real time, realize global intelligent offline payment, and make cross-border payment more convenient.
    5. CMG seamless docking: Global merchants have one-click access to the CMG payment ecosystem, members pay through CMG code scanning, they consume digital currency themselves, and merchants receive the corresponding legal currency.
    6, the only channel to release trillion dollar digital currency into offline payment of dividends.
    CMG's epoch-making realization includes Alipay, WeChat, UnionPay, Visa and other payment functions, which perfectly solves the problem that digital currencies cannot be consumed offline, and truly achieves the consensus of the entire society, all aspects, and all channels of digital currencies, enabling digital currencies to reach full recognition. Aspect landing application. From then on, digital currencies in the hands of people can be directly scanned for payment at consumer shopping venues like other currencies. The outbreak of promotional bonuses will bring ample excess profit returns to the pioneers!
  • With the introduction of the main network system in the future, CMG will enable users to make timely transfers and remittances, cross-border transfers, automatic exchange rate conversion on the platform, transaction confirmation within a few seconds and almost no transaction costs. CMG is committed to serving the global payment for the portal through the science and technology innovation area of the block chain, and actively expanding its global business with brand-new business models and value returns.
Three Strategic Layout of CMG's New Ecological Chain
  • 1. The construction of CMG-Cheese Monger Assets Platform will be carried out in turn with the core of the three-step strategy of block chain, smart payment and smart contract. First of all, the CMG main network with source-generated cross-chain protocol architecture is developed to build a global decentralized smart trading platform to support cross-chain asset circulation between different block chain projects, and the output of CMG assets is completed through an smart matching system. CMG will be used to prove the rights and interests of the entire trading platform and to circulate its value.
    2. Then, the state system constructed by the consensus algorithm of the block chain is used to effectively ensure the efficient operation of the smart contract, to solve the pain point of time confirmation of DAG (Database Availability Group). Finally, CMG completely realizes the payment functions of Alipay, WeChat, UnionPay, Visa, etc., to completely solve the problem that digital cash cannot consume offline, and to truly achieve the entry of digital cash into circulation and become the real currency in daily use and application in all aspects.
    3. Build CMG to connect digital cash with offline market and fully enter into the transaction payment entering the society. As a result, it has produced huge market value and formed a new CMG ecology of co-construction, sharing and common prosperity.
CMG Value Application
  • With the emergence of block chain technology in the financial field, the application mode of block chain has also begun to change. What is the key to large-scale adoption of block chain technology? The public's trust in the value of the block chain, the increase in the scalability of the block chain and the increase in the transparency of supervision. Any valuable thing can continue to thrive after the bubble burst and finally be applied to people's daily life and work. A lot of valuable information can be obtained by observing the route adopted by the Internet. CMG users will be able to use CMG to make payments at any merchant. Users can enjoy shopping through CMG. It is applicable to real estate, car purchase, medical treatment, shopping malls, entertainment, hotels, supermarkets, catering, air tickets, clothing, food, housing and transportation. Users of this app can also convert mainstream currencies in real time, and only when they have landed, applied and reached a consensus can they be valuable in people's daily life. With the expansion of application scenarios, CMG is expected to become an important engine of the future block chain digital cash, especially an important service form that is deeply integrated with entities. CMG-Cheesemonger Assets may become a trend of mobile payment for next generation block chain landing applications.

Build a global value network


CMG servers will be distributed globally to enhance service rapidity and reliability

Scalability support

The technology we use on CMG is able to meet the needs of users on the platform

Low transaction cost

Given the nature of blockchain and cryptocurrencies, our transaction fees remain very low for our users

Continuously updated

Given the economic burden of the network, the latest security patches must be used

Secure multi-wallet service

Multi-version wallet support, to meet users' needs for access to the CMG ecosystem in different scenarios


Our application will automatically synchronize between your different devices



CEO,Graduated from National Research Nuclear University MEPhl - Moscow Engineering Physics Institute with double degrees in engineering and economics; Has 14 years of development experience in data architecture; Has worked in the Central Bank of the Russian Federation and the Savings Bank of the Russian Federation. He is mainly responsible for database construction and is currently the CMG Digital Ecological Data Architect.


Investment Adviser,A master of financial management from a British university, who worked for Morgan Stanley Investment Bank, has his own unique views in the field of transaction payment. He has successively invested in EOS, Filecoin, Cybermiles and other high- quality projects, observed and participated in the community construction and operation of several encrypted digital asset projects, and is mainly responsible for investment consultancy in CMG.


CTO,The core development members of the big data platform take the lead in CMG core index calculation, task monitoring, task scheduling and task optimization, and participate in anti-cheating and recommendation algorithm research. As an early follower of block chain technology, he has conducted in-depth research on bitcoin, Ethernet and EOS source codes, contributed codes to several open source projects and submitted security vulnerability patches. In CMG lead product development, block chain technology implementation.


COO,Top enterprise architecture masters who have designed and diagnosed item-level architecture for many well-known enterprises such as Google and Amazon; He is good at transforming weaknesses for enterprises, the core mentor to stimulate team spirit, and also the brand strategist to help enterprises open up a high-speed development mode. He once helped a well-known sales team to create 100 million US dollars in sales in one year, and is regarded by numerous teams as the soul architecture master who can win and penetrate the hearts of the people.

Chief Information Officer


The future development route of CMG

  • 2019.06
    CMG project establishment
  • 2019.08
    CMG project preparation, market demand research and analysis
  • 2019.10
    CMG founding team formation
  • 2019.12
    CMG project officially launched, white paper released
  • 2020.01
    CMG project release internal test version1.0
  • 2020.03
    CMG community events
2020 Q1
  • 2020.04
    Global media released national press conferences such as AP news, Yahoo, wn.com, the first stop in Asia, Asia one, Asahi Shimbun, newsr, onenewspage, finanznachrichten of German finance and economics, and officailly launched the Chinese market
  • 2020.06
    Set up the market in China and realize the application of all-round convenient services
2020 Q2
  • 2020.08
    Gradually improve the service of convenient living payment in many developed countries
  • 2020.10
    Building CMG digital asset trading index and international synchronization
  • 2020.11
    Realize the digital asset exchange business in various countries and regions
2020 Q3 Q4